Service for you and your team

Lots of plan advisors make a lot of pledges of superior service (and charge a lot for it, especially in smaller company plans). Sadly, most don’t follow through.

If you’re reading our website, chances are, you already believe you’re not getting what you pay for from your plan’s financial advisor.

Or perhaps, your plan is delivering service, but just not the service your employees want and need. Recent studies, for example, show that a vast majority of plan participants want personal or virtual access to a human financial planner as one of their plan’s features. Most plans don’t provide anything close to that.

At nVest, we’d like to change that. Let’s see if we’d be a good fit.

Along with the initial plan set-up or revision work early in our relationship, we take great pride in the other services we offer for you and your plan participants.


Here’s what we do to serve your plan’s needs after becoming your plan’s advisor:

  • Complete plan setup, including coordination with your former plan vendor, recordkeeper, and third-party administrator.
  • Semiannual formal plan reviews, to ensure compliance with evolving ERISA, SEC, DOL and state securities regulations.
  • Annual plan review presentation to key decision makers about plan effectiveness and implementation, including suggestions for improving the plan for the company and the employees.
  • Ongoing coordination with key decision makers in the company, plan recordkeepers, and third-party administrators in plan execution.


Here’s what we do to serve your participant’s needs after becoming your plan’s advisor:

  • On-Site visits up to 3x per year, for participant group education and Q&A, and individual, private meeting time with a financial advisor.
  • Individualized investment help while they are a plan participant.
  • nVestMe.Com, our plan participant website, full of financial education and resources like calculators, monthly newsletters, a searchable database of articles and mini-webinars, video alerts, and much more.
  • MyWealthAdvisor, our smartphone app with money-savvy articles, videos, alerts, and direct access to the plan’s advisor.
  • Free access to “nVest Academy“, our virtual online classroom, for live and recorded training on a huge range of financial subjects.
  • Up to 2 participant-requested virtual meetings with the plan’s advisor each calendar year, on any subject they like.
  • Rollover assistance, from old plans into yours, and from yours if they leave the company.
  • Reduced-priced (or free, as negotiated) individual ongoing financial planning and coaching through our “nVestor LifeCycle” program.

We’re adding and refining our enhanced advisory services all the time, to better serve our plan sponsors and their employees. If you have questions or would like a competitive bid for your plan, let’s visit! We’d be honored.